Oilfield Firefighting​

Frac Sites

Fully Certified NFPA 1001/1081 firefighters available for all frac operations in Western Canada. Realiable and fully operational industrial outfitted combination fire units meet and exceeded minimum IRP's for pumping of flammable fluids in Canada

Decon and Shower Services

Decontamination units for all acid, frac and other HAZMAT situations that may require a decon line/personel. Portable shower units manned by fully trained individuals and meeting all minimum IRP's.

Emergency Response

Team of qualified and certified firefighters, rescuers and HAZMAT workers ready to respond to any industrial or oil/gas emergencys or emergent situations that may arise. Professional emergency response planning combined with quick and knowledgable response will give you the best emergency protection around.

Wellsite WildFire Standby

At Northwest Fire, we do not believe in using "fire trailers" as an effective means of wildland fire protection. They simply do not provide an adequate means of fire suppression given their limited water supply, immobility, and lack of equipment and hose. Instead, we offer a far more advanced and effective approach utilizing our custom made off road firefighting apparatus. They are very cost effective, carry up to 5 times the water capacity with foam and come with fully trained firefighters. Call today to see how we can protect your specific wellsite.