Northwest Fire Rescue and Training is a private fire service that provides sentry and safety service's for energy companies while they drill, frac, and service wells. In addition to the well site; Our fire, shower, air hand, medical, and emergency response teams are active in compressor batteries, processing/ refining plants, and construction facilities throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Our highly trained safety professionals are at the ready at all times. Our presence in and on industry work sites is unsurpassed. Not only do we take safety very seriously, we also provide a professional appearance and attitude towards all involved. 

NWFR also operates wildfire and municipal fire crews and equipment for the province, municipalities and private land owners. We provide municipal fire and rescue operations for first nations communities, towns and villages, as well as provide basic and advanced training programs for municipal fire departments and private enterprises. Northwest Fire Rescue supplies some of the highest trained and seasoned firefighters in Alberta. These highly trained men and women combined with Northwest Fire Rescue's specialized apparatus will ensure high efficiency on any emergency scene.
If you are interested in serving these communities as a paid on call firefighter, NWFR will be the very first privately owned municipal fire service in Canada. Effective and in service on January 1 2016, Onoway Regional Fire department has been responding to any and all emergency callouts in several towns and villages including Onoway, Alberta Beach, Silver Sands, South View, Yellowstone, Val Quinten, Castle Island and Nakamun Park. If you would like to know more about the services provided, free to contact any of the officers at the bottom of this page.
NWFR is Complyworks and ISNetworld compliant and have contracts with the Alberta and Saskatchewan governments, Alexander First Nations and Alexis Sioux First Nations along with a number of cooperation agreements with other industrial spill response, industrial/ oilfield fire, safety, and medical providers to ensure your sites are always safe. We look forward to forging new relationships in the future with energy producers, as we have an eye for sustainable growth in our market share.




David Ives

Fire Chief

Soleil Matteau-Gonthier
Executive Assistant
Shari Ives
Disaster Emergency Manager

Lee Lindstrom

Fire Captain

Erik Ives

Fire Captain

Ashley Ives


Ashley Ives.jpg

Chris Alden


Alden Head Shot.png

Sarah Ives



Jo-Anne Sundmark

Senior Firefighter

Liam Glover

Lead Firefighter

Travis Poruchny

Lead Firefighter

Class Photo 2018.png


FF2 Joseph Ogle

FF2 Cory Pritz

FF2 Erik (Larry) Larios

FF2 Lalitesh (Ram) Ramdawon

FF2 Jeremy Southerland

EMR Mouayid (Mack) Ulph


FF2 Riley (Foxy) Foxcroft

FF2 Matthew Porter

FF2 Justin Gobiel

FF2 Mateo Mejia

FF2 Sheno Ferguson

PCP Zachary Sword


FF2 Brendan Clare

FF2 Steven (Skinny) Kinney

FF1 Matthew (Chaw) Shaw

FF1 Aaron St. Laurent